Praha - Vinoř
Praha - Vinoř

Praha - Vinoř

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Otevírací doba
Po-Ne: 00:00 - 24:00
Kreditní karta:Ano
CNG karta:Ano
Debetní karta:Ano
Koncovka NGV1:2x
Veřejná stanice:Ano
GPS:50.14966920, 14.58755580
Cena:34.90 Kč/kg,
24.93 Kč/m3


Mladoboleslavská 766, Praha 9, 190 17
E.ON Energie, a.s.
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Simha K


I've refueled here a couple of times. I have also written feedback email to the company EON about their sub par service at this station. While all the other refueling stations maintain a pressure of 210bar, this one maintains 190! Absolutely unfair! You'll never be able to tank up 100% of the capacity. However, I've used their service station in Ceske Budejovice and I was able to fill in more than the prescribed limit in my car!! The person whom I sent my feedback email replied that many factors play a role at the time of refilling. Absolute BS! They simply don't want to offer full service just because they offer the cheapest CNG price per kg in the whole city of Prague. Guys! Come on! Pls improve the service. If you're offering something, pls do it 100%!

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